From the French crepes to the Eiffel Tower, 2 days was not enough to see what the city of Paris had to offer. Not many of us were excited to see the city known for its architecture and fashion, but boy were they wrong. Coming into the country, we had heard from previous people that the French were arrogant and Paris was just not that great. From my perspective, it was the opposite. From the Views of the Eiffel tower to the views of L’arc de Triomphe, the architecture was breathtaking. And the atmosphere was so ….. European I guess you could say? Walking the streets a couple of days I thought to myself… do people work here? yes they did but nevertheless they know how to enjoy life at the same time. On a Tuesday afternoon sipping on coffee and having a croissant with their French bonnet they had a way of looking more stress free then Us Americans in our big cities. As for the reputation of the french for being arrogant, we’ll I didn’t notice it, maybe because I spoke French they were more inclined to help. Getting back to a French speaking environment felt great, even though i was struggling to find the appropriate words for everything. However, I would love to experience the everyday life in a country like France, maybe not in the heart of the city but in the outskirts. I digress ….. that was the first city in Europe I visited let me reserve judgment.